SALEK Advertising LLC

Two Colored Embossing Foils

Embossing hologram and be used to produce special two colored hologram stickers and labels.
There are two colors in the foils, one is silvery, the other is golden or red or green or blue or any other customized color. The color can not be erased because it is inside the foil, not on the surface of PET. There are 3 kinds of such foils, the first is non-tamper evident, the second is tamper evident, the third is tamper-proof with VOID or any customized patterns.
25 micron / 30 micron / 36 micron / 50 micron
170mm or any customized width.
The length of one roll is about 1500 m if 25 micron, its weight is about 9KG.
Embossing about 105 degrees.
25 KG